Freelance Avid Pro Tools Operator 201
  • Audio & Music editor 
  • Boom operator & Sound engineer 
  • Foley artist
  • Sound designer & Dubbing engineer
  • Producer / Composer & Arranger

I make records.
as italian creative, Producer, Sound engineer & Designer I travel the world in pursuit of what makes music great, to breathe music and film productions is my life. The rest of time I hang out in Berlin.

Always looking for new collaborations, works and new challenges.

About me

Avid Technical protools 201 I work in the music & cinema business in Berlin.
Stage director,Crew Chief / Stage Manager, AVID operator I have worked at music festivals such as Sottosuoni (2008-2009), Karel Music Expo (2008-2009-2010-2011) Ilos de istiu (2011-2012) theatres shows such as Storie Parallele (Catherine Spaak), and for the concerts of artists such as Marc Almond (Soft Cell), Julian Cope ,Placebo, Gogol Bordello, Jethro Tull, Tricky (Massive Attack) Jefferson Starship, Tuxodemoon, Ale & Franz (Zelig), Les Tambours du bronx, Offlaga disco pax, Luci della centrale elettrica, Joe Lally (Fugazi), Meg, Zita swoon (DEUS), Marta sui tubi, Paolo Benvegnù,Melissa Auf Der Maur (Hole,Smashing pumpkins),Tre allegri ragazzi morti,Verdena,Lydia Lunch,Mick Harvey (Bad Seeds) Wayne Hussey (Sister of Mercy) Howe Gelb (Giant Sand),Giadini di miro'.

My production “Walking on the blue” is chosen as the theme song for “1 True Religion” :a documentary on the city of Munich, the culture, food and football leading up to the 2012 UEFA Champions League Final from Allianz Arena on air in FOX SOCCER & FOX SOCCER PLUS

Composer of the piece “Maddalena” commissioned by Boeri Studio, Milan for the 2009 G8 Summit, piece included in the official video of G8 and transmitted on many national and international TV channels including Rai, Mediaset, MTV.

Boom operator / Foley Artist
Sound Engineer / Sound designer 

Berlin ring
Director: Paulina Nurkowska
Producer: Giulio Baraldi_Kess film
1st AD: Zuzanna Grajzer
DOP: Michal Krenz
Set design: Salit Krac

Meeting superman
Director : Hannah Stockmann
Sound designer / Foley Artistist : Jacopo Vannini_Kolloagency
Mokoari street productions
Mix & Mastering : Jacopo Vannini_Kolloagency

Ein kleiner Ausflug
Cinematographer : Alessandro Murgia_Kolloagency
Foley Artistist : Jacopo Vannini_Kolloagency

Sound designer
Smap / Kolloagency _Berlin_Germany

The Art of Sound design. 
Realization as expert contributor of monthly articles (written,photo,video & audio) about the sound design for SMAP_San Marine Audio Project

The birthday

Director: Daniela Lucato
Director of photography : Fábio Moat
Foley,sound design,mix :Jacopo Vannini_Kolloagency
Boom operator : Jacopo Vannini


Director:Hannibal Tourette Cinematographer: Alex Bloom  
Pro Tools operator / Sound Engineer
Berlin / Drebkau_ Germany

(Nominated golden palm Cannes film festival_Cannes short corner 2014)

Drei Finnen
(Sound Engineer / Foley / Doppler)
Regie :Romina Seiz Camera: Christoph Wieczorek
Produzent: Romina Seiz
(Nominated awards Berlin Hightlights 2014)

Sky lines
(Sound Engineer / Sound designer)
Regie :Nadine Poulain 
Produzent Milan Milosavljevic / Academic Film Center
Belgrad_ Serbien / Berlin_Germany 

(nominated Golden Berlin Bear_Berlinale_Shorts 2014)

Schmutziges Blut
Studio Hamburg FilmProduktion GmbH
(boom operator)
Hamburg / Bremen_Germany

Tellux film / BR Alpha
(boom operator)

Berlin Junction      

Director:Xavier Agudo Cinematographer: Juliane Block & Twan Melssen
(Boom operator / Pro tools operator / Foley artist & Engineer stereo mix & 5.1)

La Maddalena e il suo arsenale.
Passato,presente e futuro di un arcipelago
(Boom operator / Sound designer / Sound engineer / Pro Tools operator)
Director: Barbara Cadeddu/ Multiplicity Cinematographer : F.Cogni / D. de Mattia
La maddalena _Italy               video

Conosci il significato della primavera?
Animation: Fabio Santomauro
(Composer_Sound engineer) 

Hellisa (lost brand)
Director: Joe Bastardi  Cinematographer: Claudio Marceddu
(Sound editor / Sound engineer / Pro Tools operator for the radio single)

Director: Barbara Cadeddu /Studio Boeri   Animation:Barbara Cadeddu
(Composer / Sound engineer / Pro Tools operator )
La maddalena _Italy             video


Director:Hannibal Tourette Cinematographer: Alex Bloom  

(Boom operator / Foley artist / Protools operator)
Berlin / Drebkau_ Germany
Trailer (Unofficial)

Handy Zombie               
Director:Juliane Block Cinematographer: Twan Melssen
(Boom operator)

Mach die augen auf !

Regie : David Maislinger , Kamera : Andreas Scheurer
( Composer, Sound engineer ,Pro Tools operator)
Wien / Berlin_ Germany

Director / Cinematographer :Daniele De Muro
Assistant Director : Damiano Picciau 
(Arranger, Singer, pro tools operator)

The Owner
Micheal Canzoniero,Francois Coerzee,Xavier Agudo
(Sound designer, Foley Artist , Pro Tools operator , Sound Engineer )
Berlin_Germany / Dallas_USA
(Winner of the 2012 German IPTV Award)


February – March 2012
Winner of the contest "The Weekly Brief" (3 times) as a musician of the week.
Indaba Music_ NYC

January 2012
I win the Judges' Picks with my remix (kenna chains RMX Sig.K)
Indaba Music_NYC

Keyboardist and Thereminist in Dorian Gray, the first European group to have
toured China. Winner of the October 2009 “Lifetime Achievment Award” at M.E.I in Faenza. (Independent Record Labels). I was a part of the creation of “Forse il sole ci odia” and co-producer of the album “La pelle degli spiriti” (distributed by Fandango/Coconino Press), working with Andrea Viti (Afterhours), Maurice Andiloro ( Baustelle, Jovanotti, Afterhours) and Paolo Iafelice (Officine Meccaniche-Milano). The records were very well reviewed in many music magazines including Il mucchio selvaggio, XL La Repubblica, Rockstar , Rocksound, Rockerilla, etc.

I took the part of the Bass in the Centro Univerisario Musicale (CUM) Choir of Cagliari (winners of numerous awards including first prize in the Guido d’Arezzo and the Gran Premio Efrem Casagrande, Vittorio Veneto), with whom I participated in many tours both national and international including Choirfestival Szczecin 2008 (Poland) and the Music-Art-Expo 2009 in Shanghai. (Choir chosen to represent Italy during the International Choir Festival).

Here you can listen to my latest productions

My services:

- Recordings (live & studio)
- Advanced Sound editing in post-production for bands.
  (editing on drums, guitar & bass)
- Autotune for voices
- Arrangements
- Mix
- Sound design
Advanced Sound editing (for film & short)
- Composition of music for film
- Sound design for television & radio commercials.
- Musical transcriptions
- Sync audio / video
to book recording time or more info write me here: